Ready to support the important work of your local emergency services network? We’re so excited to have you as part of GracesList!

Why Sponsor?

Local site sponsors receive several benefits for placing their advertising dollars on GracesList.org.

  1. You get the altruistic exposure of supporting a directory devoted to consolidating emergency services all in one place.
  2. There’s that tax write-off for your advertising dollars at the end of the year.
  3. There is only one sponsor allowed to host any given local site. This means you have zero competition on our sites.
  4. You help us hire Internet researchers and data entry personnel in order to expand and maintain GracesList.org.

Sponsorship Levels

Become a Founder and sponsor a major city of your choosing – $60
Become a Founder and sponsor two major cities – $120
Become a Founder and sponsor three to four major cities – $200
Sponsor a 6-month logo or badge placement on a single city site – $550
Sponsor a 12-month logo or badge placement on a single city site – $1150
or select a custom amount at the time of donation..


Individual contributions to develop GracesList are NOT tax-deductible. Corporate sponsorships may be considered a marketing or advertising expense. Consult your tax-preparer.

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