The Housing Authority of Columbus, Georgia

Housing Rental Assistance
1000 Wynnton Road, Columbus, Georgia 31906, United States

The Housing Authority of Columbus, Georgia (HACG) was created in 1938 when the City Council of Columbus, Georgia approved an enabling resolution as provided by Georgia law. HACG was the fourth public housing authority to be organized in Georgia. Under Georgia law, housing authorities are public bodies corporate and politic. As such, housing authorities are independent and autonomous entities. They are not a part of the city or county government. HACG was created to provide affordable housing to low-income families in Columbus, Georgia.

HACG is directed by a seven-member board of commissioners appointed by the mayor, one of which is also a public housing resident. Board members serve for five-year terms, except the resident commissioner, who serves a one-year term. When the terms expire, the mayor either reappoints the member for another term or replaces the member with another person.

The Mission of The Housing Authority of Columbus, Georgia is to be the foremost provider of quality, affordable housing in the Columbus region by developing, revitalizing, and managing contemporary housing communities.