Veterans Empowerment Organization

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381 West Lake Avenue NW, Atlanta, Georgia 30318, United States

Too many United States veterans are struggling today. They leave military service with risk factors that lead to crisis. Men and women who proudly served and sacrificed to guarantee our freedoms were trained to fight but not to re-enter a civilian workforce or fast-changing society. More veterans need essential services so they can get back on their feet. With a dedication to those who served, Veterans Empowerment Organization is driven to connect veterans to the vital resources that will help them rebuild their lives. In Atlanta, there is a lack of housing for all veteran populations, including females, post-9/11, aging veterans, and those with families. There are gaps in programs and services that address psychological and physical well-being along with job training and placement.

Founded in 2008, VEO is a catalyst for integrated services for our veterans. We provide emergency, supportive, and long-term stable housing; clinical care for mental health and substance misuse; and, workforce training for sustainable employment. We invite you to learn more by visiting our campus, participating in a volunteer service project, or joining the VEO cycling team to spread the word about the organization’s good works. We are grateful to the volunteers, donors, foundations, and corporations dedicated to supporting veterans throughout Georgia.