Mangere Community Law Centre

Legal Assistance
Unit 9 Shop 27 Mangere Town Centre, Auckland, New Zealand

Got a legal problem? Maybe we can help. We’re lawyers and we’re also community workers. We listen carefully, we’re whānau friendly, and we help you find solutions you feel comfortable with. We’re passionate about making sure that everyone in Aotearoa, no matter how little money you have, has access to justice and enjoys real equality.

Community Law is all around the country, from Kaitāia to Rēkohu (the Chathams). We offer all sorts of free legal help, from easy-to-read information, to community workshops, to one-on-one legal help.

Our online resources and community workshops are for all New Zealanders. However, we aim to give free one-on-one legal help to people who don’t have much money – for example, if you’re on a benefit or have a low income. We also aim to help vulnerable people – for example, if you’re struggling with housing or living with violence.