Public Guardian

Legal Assistance
120 West O'Brien Drive, Hagatna 96910, Guam

The Office of the Public Guardian has the following responsibilities:

First, to serve as guardian of the person or estate of an adult in our community who by reason of age, disease, or disability is unable, unassisted to properly manage and take care of him or herself or his or her property, and for whom no alternate guardian among family and friends can be identified.

Second, to assist the Superior Court in proceedings for the appointment of a guardian of an adult, and in supervision of persons who have been appointed guardian of an adult.

Third, to assist, advise and guide persons who are seeking appointment, or who have been appointed as guardian of an adult person.

Fourth, to offer guidance and counsel encouraging maximum self-reliance and independence of needful persons to avoid the need for appointment of a guardian, where possible.

Fifth, to develop programs of public education on guardianship and alternatives to guardianship, and support and encourage the development of private guardians.