Sureway Employment and Training

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133-135 Commercial Road, Port Adelaide, South Australia 5015, Australia

Sureway opened its doors in 1991 as an excellent training provider in Australia. Since then, it became our mission to work closely with businesses from various industries and transform their operations by upgrading the skills required in their workplace. We uncovered what they were looking for in order to level up their businesses.

The year 1998 was a momentous one for us. With a big vision to widen our reach, coupled with hard work and persistence, Sureway was chosen to deliver employment services to clients on behalf of the Australian Government. What was initially limited to rural, regional and remote NSW has now expanded to rural and regional Victoria, South Australia metropolitan, and regional areas.

Our Sureway Employment and Training services continue to provide support to our clients in their goal of achieving sustainable employment. We have a vast knowledge of the needs of the local industry. We have identified the skills demanded by different businesses and tailored our training for job seekers in order to meet the requirements of the labour market in their local area. This best positions our clients to take up employment opportunities in their local community.