Salvation Army South Australia

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39 Florence Street, Fullarton, Adelaide, South Australia 5063, Australia

The Salvation Army Australia is a national Christian movement, united by faith and giving hope where it’s needed most. Across the country we’re engaged with every demographic and every age group. We’re active in the big cities, the country towns and even in rural communities. You’ll find us involved in national issues and you’ll also find us on the ground day and night, bringing hope wherever there is hardship or injustice.

It’s crucial that our faith is expressed in charitable work. From the commencement of The Salvation Army in London in the late 19th century, our founders, William and Catherine Booth, emphasised that we are to function as a body with two arms, the spiritual and the social—with one hand we reach out to God and with the other we reach out to the world. If we were to be ‘just’ a church and failed to be charitable, then we would have no right to preach or speak about justice, compassion, or anything that affects the well-being of others. But if, on the other hand, we were just a charity, we would fail to respond to the whole person—the body, mind and spirit. If there were ever to be a separation between the two, then we would cease to exist as we are known, understood and valued today.

Today, you’ll find Salvos across Australia dedicated to sharing the love of Jesus through caring for people, creating faith pathways, building healthy communities and working for justice. Regardless of where we are or what we’re doing, one thing always remains true: we’re about giving hope.